Simtech's global footprint

The Star Gold Coast

Broadbeach, QLD, AUS

To promote a new gaming zone with a memorable, sensory experience

Simtech worked closely with The Star Entertainment Group to design and manufacture a variety of LED displays that promoted The Star Gold Coast’s new gaming zone. This included a large hanging display, two LED column wraps, a LED ceiling display, curved jackpot displays and a transparent LED display. All LED displays are interconnected and run a specialised media delivery system where animated content is synchronised across the entire zone. Additionally, we orchestrated an exclusive animated storm sequence that triggers a show every 15 minutes. A large animated event occurs every hour that is connected to the audio and lighting system of the venue.

The Lion Richlands

Brisbane, QLD, AUS

To create an inviting and compelling entrance to their renovated gaming floor.

Simtech and The Lion Richlands have installed an incredible LED entry scene on their newly renovated gaming floor. Simtech’s transparent or see-through visual LED technology spans from floor to ceiling and creates an impactful experience in which the venue shows off their amazing videography and themed animations. When behind the LED display, patrons within the gaming floor are amazed to look through the display and out to the venue’s bistro area without the video content interrupting game play.

Carina Leagues Club

Carina, QLD, AUS

To design and develop an awe-inspiring and synchronised entranceway.

The newly-renovated entry to Carina Leagues Club has been amplified by two massive interconnected and immersive Simtech LED walls. In-house, Simtech designed, manufactured and installed the LED displays, and also created the synchronised visual content. Features include high-quality P2 LED pixel technology, overlays for various schedulable animation sequences, customisable picture screens for internal marketing and widgets to show current news headlines, weather and the time around the world. This was a progressive development for Simtech’s in-house animation studio who utilised real-time graphics and game control software to create content.

Crown Perth

Perth, Australia

To instil a vibrant, all-encompassing and dynamic ambience throughout the property.

Across the whole property floor, Crown Perth has utilised Simtech’s immersive LED technology and coupled it with fantastic content that is synced to change across all displays simultaneously to create an amazing atmosphere of colours, patterns and marketing to enhance the patron experience. LED entry portals, bulkhead displays, welcoming displays and an iconic roulette display has been designed, manufactured and installed by Simtech.


Manilla, Phillipines

To enlighten a world-class gaming, entertainment and lifestyle space.

Arguably the world’s largest indoor LED display was successfully designed, manufactured and installed by Simtech at Manila’s Solaire Resort & Casino. This luxurious and colourful entertainment space is highlighted by a double sided Simtech display that is 18 metres in length, 13 metres in width and stands 2.5 metres tall, entitling it to hang over an enormous 360 square meterage of space, equivalent to 310 65-inch televisions.

City Golf

Toowoomba, Australia

To modernise a celebrating entertainment venue from inside out

City Golf has been consistently adopting Simtech’s new LED technology around the entire venue including the entry, gaming room, sports bar, outdoor signage and additional illuminated cafe lettering. Within the gaming room, the venue includes custom LED entry portal, LED column wraps, LED wall displays and jackpot displays in which are all synced to change content simultaneously. Further, the sports bar includes custom sized screens to wrap around the top of the bar and show a variety of sports and sports betting odds concurrently.

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