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Innovative LED Technology

Does your next project defy categorisation? Is it on a scale unforeseen? Is no-one else up for the task? Or, do we just not have a tab for it? At Simtech, we boast a cutting-edge team purely dedicated to inventing new LED technologies so we can ensure the ambitious visual needs of every client are met – no matter how left-field they may be.

Unique requests have forever been in Simtech’s ballpark. The impressive diversity in our projects has been the result of continuous innovation and ambition, and we’re ready to push the boundaries of media delivery for your experiential dreams.

Creative Visual Technology Development

Custom Activations

Custom LED Displays

LED Walls

Custom Module Development

Interactive Displays

LED Globes

Transparent LED Technology

Adaptable LED solutions

Simtech takes pride in our client-focused and tailored approach to LED displays. Our versatile technologies are able to accommodate any vision and environment as we work collaboratively with clients to ensure incredible exposure and unmatched business outcomes.

Simtech in action

Transforming spaces is what we do best.

Lion Richlands

Crown Perth

City Golf


Carina Leagues

Together, let’s create unforgettable moments.