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At Simtech, we’re revolutionising what is meant by an inspiring workplace with captivating LED technology that not only uplifts work environments, but animates the unique identity of corporations. 

Our state-of-the-art displays are designed to engage both employees, clients and guests as they navigate corporate spaces, crafting long-lasting impressions along the way.

The enduring power of LED in corporate environments

Defines corporate identities
From the moment you enter a workplace, LED displays can convey a corporate story, vision and difference that’s immediately identifiable and compelling.

Energises workspaces
Dynamic visual experiences craft ever-changing and inspiring work environments that increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

Welcomes guests
Impress guests and clients with immersive atmospheres and simplify their in-house experiences with clear navigational prompts.

Optimises operations
Draw from the freedom of adaptable interactive technology as you present, collaborate and make important decisions.

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Adaptable LED solutions

We take pride in our client-focused and tailored approach to LED displays. Our versatile technologies accommodate any retail-focused vision and environment as we work collaboratively with clients to ensure incredible exposure and unmatched business outcomes.

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Transforming spaces is what we do best.

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Together, let’s reinvigorate where we work.