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LED Solutions for Hospitality

Set your venue apart from the rest with the compelling spectacle of LED screen technology. Boosting your business with colour, action and versatility, Simtech is ready to uplift any space in a way that effortlessly attracts patrons and absorbs them into the entertainment. We’re delivering experiences that people want to return to again and again, in-line with the unique vision of every venue. 

Our immersive displays offer pubs, clubs and hotels visual hallmarks that not only reinvigorate spaces of all kinds, but are limitlessly adaptable. Whether a sports bar, gaming room, entertainment area, reception hub or theatre experience is the priority, Simtech’s LED screens will transform them all into something worth talking about, creating fond memories for every patron along the way. From space redesigns to screen installation and servicing, we’re ready to help every venue discover the power of LED.

The enduring power of LED in hospitality

Creates attractive landmarks
Catch eyes and draw attention immediately with the visual prowess of a digital display, dazzling with colour, movement and even whole-venue synchronisation. It’s never just one look as they invite patrons in for the whole experience.

Uplifts incredible moments
LED displays make those unforgettable moments even more spectacular. Whether it’s a grand final, title fight, jackpot or family movie, our screens crank the immersion up a notch, delivering a level of stimulation and delight unforeseen.

Provides limitless adaptability
Inherently versatile, there is no limit to the experiences Simtech’s LED technology can elevate. Countless A\V opportunities are ready to be mobilised in more permanent screens, while portable solutions ensure sports, gaming, wayfinding and general entertainment will always have a home.

Develops immersive experiences
Anyone can watch the game at home, which is why venues need to offer a riveting, next-level experience that makes patrons put down the remote and get involved. LED displays deliver those arena-like, immersive moments that provide an atmosphere unlike no other.

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Adaptable LED solutions

Simtech takes pride in our client-focused and tailored approach to LED displays. Our versatile technologies are able to accommodate any venue setting as we work collaboratively with clients to guarantee unparalleled entertainment experiences.

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