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LED Solutions for
Sports & Outdoors

All over the world, people cling to sporting moments as if they were a part of them. Simtech’s LED technology steps that experience up a notch, immersing fans in the action unlike ever before to spark memories they’ll simply never forget. 

From immediate-action live displays, video walls and scoreboards, to atmosphere elevating bar screens, ribbons and advertising displays, we’re ensuring game-days are as consuming as the passion roaring throughout the stadium.

The enduring power of LED in sport and outdoor environments

Invigorating experiences
By uplifting the immersiveness of already incredible moments, LED displays mobilise a sensory fan experience that introduces an involvedness unforeseen. 

Elevates moments beyond the game
Clear, bright and interactive signage and displays throughout the arena ensure the action continues beyond the stands, driving engagement and simplifying navigation wherever one may be.

Amplifies partner opportunities
Dynamic LED visuals divulge versatile advertising opportunities for venues and partners alike as they splash inspiring colour and character around every space.

Limitless adaptability
Portable solutions and transformable displays create versatile environments that can evolve to suit any occasion and maintain that electrifying spark. 


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Portable Solutions

Wayfinding Displays

Unique Marketing Displays

Adaptable LED solutions

Simtech takes pride in our client-focused and tailored approach to LED displays. Our versatile technologies are able to accommodate any sport environment as we work collaboratively with clients to ensure unparalleled experiences for fans, advertisers, venues and the sportspeople themselves.

Simtech in action

Transforming spaces is what we do best.

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Together, let’s create unforgettable moments.